Triple K Takes Second in the I H Triathlon

IHT-medTeam “Triple K” (Kara, Kayla, and Kurre) took second place in the Sprint Relay division of the GPRMC Iron Horse Triathlon. The Iron Horse Triathlon took place at North Platte’s Cody Park. I was the runner on the team. I made the five miles in about 54 minutes. I’m please with that time.

Imo participated in the triathlon but she did the whole Triathlon. She did the swim, bike and run components of the Triathlon. It was a beautiful day cool this morning at 7:30 when the event began but it warmed up nicely.

I’m not sure how many people participated in all the divisions of the triathlon but there had to be a couple hundred. Cody Park and Cody Park Pool are a great venue for this event. The pool provides ample room for the swimming leg. The bike and run legs take participants through Cody park before making your way North along 83 to Hall School Road. We crossed the North Platte River during the run/bike. The river seemed up today and made for a relaxing background. I chose a Christopher Lydon Podcast to listen to during the run. Lydon conducts informative interviews. So, Lydon’s Open Source Podcast kept me focused. I did appreciate the affirmation given by the Triathlon volunteers and other participants. While many participants are extremely competitive there is always room for affirmation and encouragement. Even though I’m not a strong runner, I felt comfortable engaging in this event. I did take some ribbing for my nonrunning shorts. I run in a pair of denim street shorts. They have pockets to hold my stuff. I did leave my keys in Imo’s event bag. I’m sure being just a little liter improved my time.

And now, maybe a nap or should I mow the lawn?

This is me coming into the finish line.

This is Imo crossing the finish line with Terry.  Thanks to Ben for being there and taking these pictures. I’ve posted a few more pictures from the Triathlon here. I want to thank the North Platte Rec Center and all the volunteers and sponsors who make this event possible. Thank you!


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