Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The server that hosts my blog went down last night for what OLM.net called “emergency maintenance.” Emergency maintenance has such ominous sound to it. My feeling of panic exploded when I couldn’t get my e-mail and my website and blog were no were to be found. A call to OLM.net quickly assured me everything would be back up and running within about an hour. Now my blood pressure is back to normal and everything is fine with my Internet experience.

Question for the day: Why do guests at a Catholic Mass, sit when we kneel and stand when we stand? I joined in a funeral today at which many guest were present. Watching those present caused me to ask, “Why?” I know, when I have a choice between sitting and kneeling I sit.

During a conversation with my Dad I started to complain about the temperature today in North Platte. When I realized, I shouldn’t complain about 96 when it was 100 plus in California. Dad told me yesterday it was 114 in Phoenix where Charles lives. I’ll be grateful for the beautiful day I experienced.

Our “Real Men’s” group will begin discussing a new book tomorrow. The title of the book is, Hope Begins Where Hope Begins by Michael Downey. The first paragraph of the introduction struck me. Downey said:

“In every age, in each culture, Christians have been called upon to give an account of why they hope. In an age such as ours, one marked by massive and meaningless death, not just of individuals but of whole peoples and cultures, Christians must be prepared to explain the nature of their hope, specifically hope in Jesus Christ, the hope of all.”

I’m looking forward to our discussion of hope I could use the support to give that accounting.

I spent several hours recently working on a script to run on my Palm Tungsten/T3. The script is intended to print out the date for the next working day. If the current day is Friday or Saturday, the script should print the following Monday’s date which would be the next working day. The problem was the script printed the next day’s date even for Friday and Saturday. Working with the script was therapy for me. I needed a project that would provide instant feedback. Scripts provide instant feedback, they either work or they don’t — no almost. I changed a line here and added a function there all to no avail. I finally cried uncle and asked for help on a Yahoo groups list I frequent. As it turned out, in one line of the script I had “ifScript[$0==6,@@tomm01@@]” The intent of the line is to test if the current day is Saturday and if so, run the subscript “tomm01.” The line should have been written, “ifScript@[$0==6, @@tomm01@@]” In English I had to tell the script, if right now (ifScript@) it is Saturday. Isn’t there a poem that goes, “for want of a nail…” In my Case, for want of an @ my script would not run.

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