T’was nearly the fourth

Fireworks tenstLike the dandelions of spring are the fireworks tents of the fourth of July. For a scant seven days North Platte allows the sale and use of fireworks. So the weekend before the first day of sales tents pop up around North Platte like so many dandelions. The tents are colorful and transform otherwise drab parking lots into hubs of commerce. The Pumas soccer team sponsored a fireworks stand one year and earned a powerful wad of bills. The money we earned almost made the work worthwhile. It is clear to me, with the number of fireworks stands and my own experiences in the fireworks business, there is money to be made in those black cats. So for seven days North Platte will be alive with the sound of bang snaps exploding, rockets red glare, fallout of ninja shells and the aroma of sulfur filling the air. It’s nearly the fourth of July.


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