Upon further reflection:

by Don on October 16, 2007

in About North Platte, Ward 3

Several points are becoming clearer.

  • The TIF program favors development in areas were the greatest difference between current tax liability and future tax liability exists. At the present time that is not Downtown North Platte. It is areas south of town.
  • Supporting the CRA’s parking lot project requires believing that this project will accomplish two goals:
    • Provide the financing needed to help the Shelter move into a new facility.
    • That redevelopment of the Downtown will both follow and be sparked by this project.
  • Additional parking allows Downtown businesses to survive the construction necessary to improve Downtown infrastructure.
  • If Downtown is to be revitalized, and our ability or will to revitalize Downtown is still open to debate, the City of North Platte will have to take the lead in moving us forward.
  • Being located on a federal highway is a significant constraint to owners of retail property renovation.

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