We are the Flatrock Irregulars

Flatrock Irregulars

We are the Flatrock Irregulars a band made up of Stu Messenberg, Ed Marquette, Maggie Welch and Me. We play mostly Irish tunes and a few other favorites.  We make our homes in North Platte, Nebraska. A great place to live. (Picture courtesy of Brandi at CDMP Photography.) Brandi took the picture on Saturday ofter we performed at the first of the season’s Farmer’s Market. I’m enjoying playing in the band. We have fun and enjoy our time together making music.

Visit our web site for more information on the Flatrock Irregulars here. The web site like the band are still a work in progress. You will find our current play list here.

3 responses to “We are the Flatrock Irregulars”

  1. What a good-looking, good-sounding group! You guys are on the way to fame and fortune for sure.

  2. Looks like you’d fit right in here in the Ozarks, Don! Where can I hear your music?

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