Will the Bookstore Close?

booksI went shopping at Waldenbooks yesterday, in part to make sure it was still open. I looked at the new books, the calendars for 2010 and notebooks. I bought a new notebook.

As I checked out, I asked the clerk if the rumor was true. She assured me it was. As I understand it, the store is guaranteed to be open as long as the calendar kiosk in the common area of the Mall remains open. After the Kiosk closes how long the store will be open is any ones guess. It will be a sad day for North Platte if the bookstore closes.

I don’t buy many books but my “to be read pile” is large and they know me by name when I call to special order a book. I enjoy shopping in a bookstore looking through all the books I might buy, read or just add to my library.

I do wonder what the implications of the closing of this store will be for North Platte. A drugstore, a gas station, a pizza store and a doughnut shop among others will open soon while the bookstore prepares to close.

Some may remind this techie that it’s the Internet. I know the Internet does impact the business of many brick and mortar stories. Well, so it seems except gas stations, drugstores, and pizza stores just to name a few.

I know we still have A to Z Books and perhaps A to Z will step up and fill the gap created by the probable closing of the bookstore. This may be a great opportunity for A to Z, which is already the biggest book story between Omaha and Denver.

But the question remains —What will closing our bookstore mean for this community? Other businesses have closed in our community they come and go and no one take notice. But a bookstore seems different. The change may not be noticeable save one more empty mall space. I am convinced we will be less for the loss. I do hope someone will step up and fill the potential void created by this adjustment in our community.

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  1. I am saddened by the bookstore closing. It’s implications are many. I posted at my blog this evening about some of that. I hope I’m wrong. I’m glad to find someone else in NP that has been concerned about this event. I know there are many more.

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