Will You Join Us?

Downtown North Platte is worth saving! Revitalizing the block on 5th street between Bailey and Dewey is the first step in saving and revitalizing downtown.  It’s time to revitalize downtown North Platte.

The City of North Platte received  a grant to fund improving  5th street between Dewey and Bailey. This section of 5th street is in desperate need of repair. The grant enables the City to take a significant step in revitalizing downtown by making the needed and long overdue repairs.

What the City does with this block will have a significant impact on future downtown improvements. What vision for the revitalization of  downtown will guide these repairs? The repairs the City  makes to this block of 5th street will set the tone and become a template for future action downtown.

While the clarion call is to save the bricks the deeper issue is how will we revitalize downtown North Platte? We face many questions. For example how do we save the bricks? What do we do with the canopies? Who will pay for it? These are just some of the questions we face. We can fight over who, what,  or how to renovate downtown and watch downtown rote into a distant memory.  Or we can join in planning for the renovation of downtown North Platte.

During a Work Session on Tuesday, February 22nd the North Platte City Council will review and discuss at least one plan for renewal of  downtown.  This work session provides us with an opportunity to take another step in saving the bricks and revitalizing downtown.  I want to encourage you to be part of the process to revitalize downtown by attending this meeting.

The next step to saving downtown North Platte is scheduled to be taken on Tuesday, February 22 at 7:30pm in City Council Chambers. Will you join us?

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