Yes for Economic Development

The Quality Growth Fund is about North Platte’s future. Strengthen our local economy, without raising taxes Bring vital jobs to North Platte, without raising taxes Attract new businesses like renewable energy companies Help existing businesses grow. All without raising taxes. To renew our Quality Growth Fund, remember to Vote Yes on Issues 1 and 2.… Continue reading Yes for Economic Development

Learn about the Comprehensive Plan

The City of North Platte and Lincoln County recently signed contracts with Olsson Associates, including Marvin Planning Consultants and Billingsley Consultants to update both the City’s and County’s Comprehensive Development Plans and Regulations, as well as a new Traffic Model for the City. As part of that process, the consulting team will be making their… Continue reading Learn about the Comprehensive Plan

Voting No

As I write this post I’m convinced that voting in favor of the budget as presented by the Mayor is not in the best interest of North Platte. The revenue projections and the expenses based on those projections put the city in a vulnerable position. Two simple events winter characterized with even moderate snowfall or… Continue reading Voting No

Looking for Your Ideas

During the second session the Council retreat we will focus on strategic planning. I know it is short notice but I’m wondering, “What 5 things do you think it is most important for the City to do?”  I’d appreciate reading your thoughts.  Leave a comment to this post or send me an email  at… Continue reading Looking for Your Ideas

Cell Phone User Fee

I am in favor of implementing a user fee on cell phones. I see several reasons to set up this user fee. 1)      Loss of revenue from the user tax on landlines. As more and more people drop their landline that revenue stream dries up.  Creating a user fee on cell phones is the most… Continue reading Cell Phone User Fee