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Group Project Committee Work

Below you will find the draft of the Project instructions given to class members. Please make corrections, additions or changes as you see fit. Below are links to additional pages given to participants for the Group Projects. Click on the page name to go to that page.

Group Project Instructions

Leadership Lincoln County (LLC) 2007-2008 - Group Projects

Participants in LLC are expected to contribute to the growth and development of the community. For this reason, group projects have become an integral part of LLC. A group project benefiting the community will be part of your LLC experience.

Timeline Overview

  • Each group will be required to meet with the Group Project Committee and submit a proposal. These meetings will be scheduled by each group and need to be completed by November 15, 2007.
  • The project needs to be completed by the time the class graduates in May.
  • Monthly - Updates may be requested by the Group Project Committee


  • On the first day of LLC, the class will be divided into groups based on your personality profile determined by the Colors activity that day and information submitted previously by you.
  • An outline of the group project should include goals, action plans, and how success will be measured. This proposal should also include a budget and your plan to protect the Chamber against liability, financial, and reputation risks.
  • It will be appropriate for the groups to meet outside of the LLC Class. The groups can discuss their project during session lunches or scheduled time at the end of sessions.
  • All money must be run through the Chamber. Expense requests must be presented to the Chamber on the Payment Request Form with supporting documentation (invoices or receipts). Money may not be committed or spent unless the group has already collected it.
  • The groups will be asked to give a presentation to the rest of the class and a panel of judges on the last day of LLC.
  • The projects will be judged and a prize will be awarded to the outstanding group. The judging criteria is shown on the next page.
  • Any excess funds earned can be donated to a non-profit group or held by the Chamber to be used to continue the project in subsequent years.

Group Project Judging Criteria

Group: Rank on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest.

  1. Rate the level of impact the project had - the criteria was “make a difference in the life of a person or the community”. Rank:
  2. Originality - was this a new idea for our community or was it an existing idea that was enhanced. Rank:
  3. Group Interaction and participation from all members. This does not necessarily mean participation during the presentation, but also includes the role each person played throughout the project and is each persons role described well in the presentation. Rank:
  4. Marketing Plan and media involvement. Rank:
  5. The Presentation - It is expected that each team member participate in the presentation. Groups will be judged on the quality and professionalism of the presentation. Rank:
  6. The dollar amount raised will not be a factor in determining a group's success!
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