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Comments (JH) 3.13.08

– The more I think about the layout of the menu the more fuddled I seem to get. So I want to start over… First thing we probably need to do is decide on the 8 top menu items and build the subnavigation from there. This will also help us determine how many pages we would like and how many of them need to be blogs.

The “blog” link isn't one of the 8, and I can only come up with 7. We could actually separate the Contact and About Us if we thought we absolutely need all 8.

Ok… I changed the navigation and if you count the pages we have there are only 15 actual pages. Our limit is 25. I think we should leave a couple free for future use, but fill out the website as much as possible. Which would leave us another 6-8 sub-pages we could use. I also believe we could use the blog for events that aren't specifically associated with a “train”. Such as pancake feed, and games for the kids. (thoughts?)

(From Don 3/12/08 6:27 pm)I like your outline for the menu. I think it flows real well and covers the main items that need to be address. I did ad a page for the entertainment especially that happens at Cody park. We also have the dance that will take place on Saturday night but that could be part of the Entertainment page.

(From JH 3/14/08 9:15 am) Excellent addition. The more I think about it the more I am inclined to seperate the Contact and About Us pages. With the wellness program and the Zero waste program I believe they should have their own pages. I've made changes to reflect those changes.

Typically “About Us” is the last link on a website. I updated the order to reflect the change.

(From DK 3/16/08 4:20 pm) Should we start putting the page on the site? I think we are real close to the layout we want. What do you think? As I count it we have 18 pages. Still room to grow.

Site Map Rail Fest Site

Link to the current site is Rail Fest Site

  • Home (no subpage needed with this navigation element)
  • About Us (to include Zero Waste and wellness program information) (JH Added 3/14)
  • Sponsors {link to subpage Layout (LO) B} the text content box could then be used to add information about becoming a sponsor w/a link to a PDF document with sponsor information.
  • Events (text box can be used for event information and link to printable event Calendar)
    • Locomotive Exhibits
    • Entertainment Cody Pavilion (Don Added 3/12)
    • Bailey Yard Tours
    • Operation Lifesaver Train Rides
    • Strongman Classic Competion
    • MPCC Railroad Center Tours
    • Ghosts of the Railroad
    • More Events (link to event calendar)
  • Shop (Sub LO-B)
  • Gallery (we could add an outside link to a gallery for User-submitted photos)
    • Photos
    • Video
  • Community (Links to NPLC Convention and Visitors Site)
  • Contact Us

Comments and thought

–I wonder if we need a page for each day since we will have the calendar function on the site.
–I'm adding some menus to the site Melody sent us. I'm not sure this is what I'm supposed to be doing.

Comments (JH)

– (Sponsors) I think a small button or link at the bottom of the page is a good idea. However, I would be carefull putting any sort of pricing on the page associated with the sponsorships. Maybe direct any inquiries to Dave, Connie, or Ken.
– I think if we change Fri, Sat and Sun to “Event Calendar” and direct them to the calendar and events. I also like the idea of a printable calendar. For those attendees who want to print it out prior to arriving.
– It would be nice to have a list of events so we can decide where the pages vs. the blogs will be on the site.

– DK I was excited about the outcome of the meeting tonight. Moving forward. I agree with your suggestions especially regarding the “Event Calendar” It will be nice to see exactly how that work. Having the option to print a calendar is a great idea.
–I added a post on the site about the band The Drivin' Dynamics. I need to learn how to use that site. I wanted a picture of the band but they didn't have a really good one I could use.

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