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  • Emcees:
  • Sound system


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Don Kurre 2008/01/18 20:09

  • Homemade drum contest
  • Train and Drum Whistle
  • Sound stage we could use for additional acts
  • invite everyone back from last year with a couple exceptions. - George
  • Your will also find the 2007 schedule here as a starting point for preparing the 2008 schedule.

2007 schedule

Friday 4:00pm -10:00pm – Entertainment in Cody Park Pavilion

  4:00pm – Donna LuLus*
  5:00pm – Dixieland Six
  6:00pm – Heartland Singers
  7:00pm – Job, Peter & Chuck
  8:00pm – 10:00pm – Dance with Gary Phipps*

Saturday:30am-10:00pm – Entertainment in Cody Park Pavilion

  7:30am – Hatchbacks*
  9:30am – Josh Cox
  10:00am – Line Dancers
  10:30am – Victor
  11:00am – James Gang
  11:45am – Kids Hobo Contest
  12:00pm – Gospel Lites
  1:00pm – UP Chorale
  2:00pm – Sandy River Boys*
  3:00pm – Will Stoeger
  3:30pm - Todd Kramer
  4:00pm – Russ Hansen
  5:00pm – UP Chorale
  6:00pm – Valley Express*
  7:00pm – Open Mic
  8:00pm-10:00pm – Dance to the Golden Classics*

Sunday 11:00am – 3:00pm - Entertainment in Cody Park Pavilion Begins

  11:00am – UP Chorale
  12:00pm – JAM Session
  1:30pm – Starz Acrobatics
  1:45pm – Tim Golden / No Budget Band ~ College House
  2:30pm – Limited Warranty
  3:00pm – Mavericks* & NP City Band
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