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Working Draft Schedule

Active Schedule
Finalized Schedule This is the place for the finalize Schedule
Details This is for the details page. Use this page to add notes and other information about the entertainment.
Alternate Site Schedule This is a page for planning an alternate site for entertainment.

:!:The “schedule '07” listed below was taken from the program booklet published for Rail Fest 2007 and may not have been the way the schedule actually played out.


Times Schedule '07 Schedule '08a Schedule 08b
4:00pm Donna LuLus*
5:00pm Dixieland Six
6:00pm Heartland Singers
7:00pm Job, Peter & ChuckJob, Peter & Chuck Job, Peter & Chuck
8:00pm Dance with Gary Phipps*Golden Classics

–I agree the Gypsy Jazz Band only needs one time and perhaps are best in the evening rather than the AM. Although the Hatchbacks did not want to play at 7:30 am and I told them that we could find another spot Don Kurre 2008/01/19 18:03 –Possible Dixieland Six for opening again. Virgil will contact us.


Items in Bold are confirmed and finalized – well for the most part Don Kurre 2008/01/19 17:57

Times Schedule '07 Schedule 08a Scheulde 08b
7:30am Hatchbacks Sandiy River Boys
9:30am Will Stoeger* Lloyd & Nola
10:00am Line Dancers
10:30am Victor
11:00am James GangKids Hobo Contest Kids Hobo Contest
11:45am Kids Hobo Contest
12:00pm Gospel Lites
1:00pm UP ChoraleUP Chorale UP Chorale
2:00pm Sandy River BoysStarz Acrobatics Starz Acrobatics
3:00pm Josh CoxHatchbacks
3:30pm Todd Kramer Hatchbacks
4:00pm Russ Hansen Hatchbacks
5:00pm UP ChoraleUP Chorale UP Chorale
6:00pm Open MicOpen Mic
7:00pm Dance to the Golden ClassicsDance with Centennials

*George Corrected

–I would agree that 30 minutes might be enough for a sing along. Could give Open Mic 90 minutes. Don Kurre 2008/01/19 18:05 –Possible dance with Centennials from 7 to 10.


Times Scheudule '07 Schedule 08a Scheulde 08b
11:00am Worship Service - UP ChoraleWorship Service
UP Chorale
Worship Service
UP Chorale
12:00pm JAM Session
1:30pm Starz Acrobatics
1:45pm Tim Golden No Budget Band~College House
2:30pm Limited Warranty Mavericks
& City Band
3:00pm Mavericks* & NP City Band

It might be nice if we could schedule some Gospel music on Sunday before the Worship service. Although it was nice starting at 11:00. Maybe the Gospel Music could start at 10:00 on the alternate site. Don Kurre 2008/01/19 18:08

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