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Things I'm thinking about

—I’m thinking about the loses of internet Neutrality and what it means for us and for me. I thought Dave from Scripting news post was good.

No one is coming to save you.

There is no one coming to save you.

There is no one coming to save you.

There is no one coming to save you.

There are no superheroes.

There is no such thing as “fair”

It will not ‘just happen.”

You have to make it happen.

There is no one coming to save you.

So stop waiting for a superhero to show up and become one already.

Save yourself.

There is no plan b.

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  • Peak Oil and it's impact on the way we live
  • Sustainability and what that means for North Platte
  • Being more effective with GTD
  • Finding a more effective way to remember names
  • What to do with the 1913 building: A part of me would like to start a “Rezone” project. :)
    • CUAC meet their goal of $250.000 12/2007. They will turn the building into an art center.
  • What is the best way to manage my work and information?
    • I would like to have access to information and work independent of where I am. When I get a thought at work that has more to do with none work stuff where do I put it so I can access it when needed. Now I just pile it. I need to start a weekly review ala GTD. I do carry a number of portable devices but they are not as easy to use or access in a way that I can save the information for access at a later time. Ease of use is a priority or I will not use it.
  • What can we do to broaden our ability within the City to recycle. At present we recycle news paper but it seems there is more that could be done.
  • Is rural redlining something NP should be concerned about? Here is the relevant article
  • Social Networks and the role they play in religion and other environments
    • Sparked from Change or Die, and the report on Obesity
  • Whenever a Jesuit priest or a Calvinist pastor does anything of significance-making a key decision, for instance-he is expected to write down what results he anticipates. Nine months later he traces back from the actual results to those anticipations. That very soon shows him what he did well and what his strengths are. It also shows him what he has to learn and what habits he has to change. Finally, it shows him what he has no gift for and cannot do well. I have followed i that method for myself now for 50 years. It brings out what one's strengths are-and that is the 1 most important thing an individual can know about himself or herself. It brings out areas where ^improvement is needed and suggests what kind of improvement is needed. Finally, it brings out things an individual cannot do and therefore should not even try to do. To know one's strengths, to know how to improve them, and to know what one cannot do-they are the keys to continuous learning.
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